Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the overall strength of a magnet is measured by its "magnetic moment"

just came in from lying out under the stars. everything is vibrating, like magnets, the poles of magnets: repelling, resisting each other with so much energy. so much quivering expectant energy. out of the corner of my eyes i see little iron filings shifting around between the magnets, tiny movements, but everything is sliding, slipping. a single shooting star: it shocks me, as it would anyone after twenty minutes of non-shooting stars. so dramatic after all this subtlety, it had a long tail (does that make it a comet?), a big fuck off comet to end it all and i come inside.

buckminster fuller
had undetected bad vision as a kid, making the whole world a mass of blurry coloured circles, and it wasn't until they discovered it and he got glasses that he realised this wasn't how things actually were. it gave him an entirely different perception of how everything fit together. he said he preferred the world when it was blurry.

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