Tuesday, May 5, 2009

messy room, clear head

i'm really happy. i feel like i've buzzed around all day, was very productive, also fit in some down time, light exercise, happy weather, swam in the sea, read a bit, saw my mum, had good brief meetings with lots of people, worked, was nice to customers, did my job well, ate some good food when i was hungry.. i don't know, actually, this if funny but i get really happy when i'm hungry and then i get to eat. like, hungry hungry. it makes me want life more, and want to try harder. and then eating is so much more satisfying. i talked about art and got excited about it today, it was the first time in a little while i'd felt like i just wanted it all. give it to me! DOING things instead of thinking about them. my room's a mess but my mind is clear. it feels GOOD. days like this are what i live for. weeeeee!

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  1. I had a lovely day too, for me going to the beach is one of the most satisfyling things I can do in a day- if I've gone to the beach I feel really good and no pressure to do anything else. I crave the ocean.

    and I totally agree about eating when you're super hungry it's so great. I just experienced it then. After being at TAFE all day firing 'Pablo' the massive gas kiln, we were hungry and stopped at the Italian patisserie on Lake st. on the way home and got vanilla slice and a maid of honour and came home and had a cup of tea and our treats and it was gloriously satisfying.