Monday, May 18, 2009

HEART BURN. to do to last a few weeks. (you are only coming through in waves)

email alex spremberg, new job, return all the borrowed stuff i'm hoarding, washing, clean room, swim some more, grants, freerange, email jackson, find another book, finish old book, collective website, trans-continental projects, melbourne/sydney, call dad, pump up bike tyres, avocado, frozen peas, finances bleh, 6000 contribution, call roberto the mechanic, myer vouchers, aquarium...

all the tv people look really scary ugly these days. hideously distorted features, makeup. i can't tell if i just never noticed before or if they have actually gotten uglier.

you know when you can focus your vision, or un-focus your vision, rather, so intensely that you can consciously hallucinate? i like that.

it happened to me on the weekend, i drove for a long time, restlessly, before i settled at the foreshore in nedlands, i drove right to the end, where the boats go in, where i could see the moon beaming down on the river. the light was hitting the water so abstractedly, and suddenly i was looking at fish jumping, rain splashing into a pool, ticketape, crazy ants on the tv, static. it was great. i was also sober. yeah. i've been having some really great sober experiences lately, i think it's because i've felt really aware of myself, and my body and my place in the world, that i notice these sensations that i might otherwise be too busy or distracted to notice their effect on my body.

these are great leaps.

p.s. giant translucent elastic pools filled with water, suspended high above, light shining down through the water, argentinian bodies flung through the water, and belly flops, unrelenting fearless impressive belly flops. best tv i've watched in years. thanks eurovision.


  1. i loved the argentinian piece so much! i want in on that. yay for to do lists!

  2. i know jill! it was so strange and a little awkward-seeming at times, but so many great elements to it that it kinda worked somehow. anyway, eurovision = F.U.N.