Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"when i am pregnant", and other stuff too.

sometimes you need reminding of some things, even if you've seen them before. today i need reminding of Anish Kapoor...

also this:
REPORTER: I'd like to know the meaning of the cover photo on your album, 'Highway 61 Revisited'?
BOB DYLAN: What would you like to know about it?
R: It seems to have some philosophy in it. I'd like to know what it represents to you - you're a part of it...
BD: I haven't really looked at it that much
R: I've thought about it a great deal
BD: It was just taken one day when i was sittin' on the steps y'know - I don't really remember too much about it.

R: I thought the motorcycle was an image in your song-writing. You seem to like that.
BD: Oh, we all like motorcycles to some degree.

p.s. i'm not pregnant, just in case.


  1. When I Am Pregnant and Sister Work to When I Am Pregnant (the inverted version) are some of my favourite works - im obviously heavily influenced by. have you seen A Protrusion From A Wall by martin creed which was actually done the year before Kapoors - shame can't seem to post images in comment box. As the title suggests its somewhat less romantic (as with all creed works)but i love it for its brutal obviousness and the fact it looks like a nipple

  2. yeah yeah, i know that work.. i love it too. i didn't know it was done the year before Kapoor though! oh these british conceptual artists, stepping on each other's toes. i still want to do a balloon room though.