Friday, January 30, 2009

Can't sleep, my mind's a circus

Things are happening, stuff is being done, yes yes.

in my life things tend to all fall apart at once or all come together at once. it's like an ebb and flow. up and down, i'm erratic, my life is erratic, sometimes it's exhausting, but mostly i think i like it that way. i find it odd to know that lots of people find me to be quite calm, and think of me as a calm person. i guess i can be, but certainly not all the time.

anyway, enough of this indulgent talk about myself. right now i'm on high tide, won't stop until i crash.. here we go!

Found heaps of cool stuff on the internet today:

good installation art gives me the greatest sense of originality, integrity and ingenuity in a piece it is hard for me to go past it. even if it's just for its visual quality, or physical impact, or you know, the simplest thing, i am still drawn to it over and above other mediums.

check these out, for example:

Kurt Hentschlager... more of an immersive environment than an 'installation' per se, artificial fog and strobe lighting, complete with an entire soundscape. fucking cool! like being inside a Turner painting... i imagine

Tara Donovan... i am so impressed by everything i've seen of hers. if for nothing else but the sheer amount of work that goes into these things, and their crazy crazy scale. this one is called Untitled (Paper Plates and Glue). check out ALL her pics! even her 2D stuff is cool! i dunno, has anyone seen these artists before?! have i been completely oblivious in the last couple of years?! fragmentation and the breaking down or building up of units so they are transformed into something new is something i am constantly drawn to. i like this for its ideas of mass-production, the way she uses really standard manufactured products to create something with a real organic biological quality.

Samuel Roy-Bois... i like this because you actually get to sleep in it if you want! it is an inside place that is still outside, still exposed; it highlights awareness of the space you inhabit.

I also still like two-dimensional art. I really like Gregory Euclide's paintings. Although I suppose I esteem him as a 2dimensional artist because he has the capacity to turn it into more sculptural forms also. I remember looking briefly at his work a while ago, but today I properly looked at his website, his stuff is really cool. He exhibits all these tiny paintings behind little hand-built clear resin domes, and the paintings spread out across the wall and eventually out to the floor. and all these paintings on scrunched and folded paper. really beautiful stuff!...

More later, fantastic conversations to come, sleep now!

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