Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my thoughts on uniforms

This is going to be an open, unashamed rant:

When an organisation you really thought you liked turns out to be quite the opposite, it's really quite depressing and confusing and it's hard to know what to do, particularly when this organisation is your employer and is maintaining your rent etc.

Among various other incidents and ongoing problems, which i don't reeeeally want to rat out about, one thing i am willing to talk openly about is the issue of a UNIFORM. I'm not really that down with uniforms in general, but I'm willing to concede that in certain situations (such as large, public organisations, or sporting teams, where people need to be identifiable as 'belonging') they do serve a purpose. I also understand, though i feel a little queasy about it, that for 'branding' purposes and advertising, some (again, larger) organisations feel the need to put all their little people in uniforms and stamp them with all their propaganda.

However, in small organisations, particularly those recognised as promoters of individual creativity and unique expression, i strongly feel this is completely unnecessary and just stamps out what little joy of personal expression is left in the capitalistic world we now live in. The small satisfaction i got out of dressing myself as i liked before i went off to work for the day and sold my soul trying to make people part with their money for what could be considered overpriced luxury items was enough to keep me in my job, because at least, at least, i was able to maintain some element of my individuality in all of that.

but as of yesterday, when a black and white 'corporate' (David Jones-looking) colour scheme was imposed on my wardrobe, I am officially looking for another job, people. Any help or pointers would be warmly received :)

... ok rant over.

so yes, i'm looking for another job. probably a total change, i don't think i've got much retail vitality left in me. Upon a certain person's suggestion, i might even consider looking for small writing jobs if i can find something.

in other news, when i'm not being distracted by my crappy job, i am being rather productive. i am currently in the process of making new work for the Vice Chancellors' upcoming EP which will be released in February, and will involve lots of cool art stuff from a few different artists, so stay tuned. Also I'm still writing this proposal with the Inter Collective for a laneway project we're hoping will happen in March, but it's getting more exciting the more we talk about it, ideas are getting closer to being realities... it's cool.

also, please take a moment to enjoy the new layout a very wonderful and clever person helped me with for this blog. hope it makes your time here more enjoyable and easier to use :)

and here is something my friend Emlyn reminded me i liked a lot, and makes me forget about uniforms and other silly stuff:

pigs are cool. ok?

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