Wednesday, April 8, 2009

blog art

i'm meant to be researching residencies, but got disheartened when i read IASKA is not accepting any more applications due to "revising our artist in residence program"

and then i got distracted by looking at the plethora of online material published by and on Lucas Ilhein. he did a residency in Milan (on a development grant from Australia Council) and made this website which has some really really nice things on it. i think he has said this is like his pre-cursor to the blog-art he has more recently been doing, since the technology was not available back in 2000 when he made it. but it's great, i urge you to spend some time on it. obviously, i am particularly drawn to it because there is some italian floating around on the website, and that's always exciting. there's also german and cantonese, so, you know, multi-cultural...

anyway, looking at Lucas' stuff makes me feel like I need to get a whip-snap onto things and make this residency happen. we need it!

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