Sunday, August 16, 2009


dear ganzfeld,

i'm sorry i've been so absent, but i'm away from home and preoccupied by life and living and having amazing experiences which are shaping my future work and movements in ways i'm not even aware of right now.

too much to talk about than i know what to do with, but soon, soon

meanwhile, some notes i've made, things i've picked up, overheard, artworks, artists:

"walk on by, mr business man. you can't wear the clothes i wear"
"our still lives (keep falling)"
jess macneil
yullis vegetarian surry hills
"cookies advertised for their home-baked quality as having 'no identical shapes' haha!"
"the english bring their cows and cut down the trees, but out of the cow shit grow magic mushrooms, eyes open, trees are planted. nature knows"
"i'm interested only in expressing basic human emotions - tragedy, ecstasy, doom and so on"
"i was a schizerino from the sole of my boots to the tips of my hair. i lived exclusively in the gerundive"
wolfgang tillmans
"freischwimmer 30 and 40, 2003"
prism tower, aloys gangkofner
the la trobe reading room

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